Custom Stores

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Unique Ecommerce Design Solutions

We offer unique eCommerce design solutions. We can help eliminate your inventory management, collections and order processing worries.  Our website designs can provide you, your customers or employees a customized solution for obtaining the products you need.

eCommerce Store Features

We can help design your eCommerce store so it is more successful and easy to use.  We provide extensive features that help you to showcase your products and make the online buying experience fun and easy. Here’s a few of the features we offer:

Products & Merchandising

  • Support for selling physical products, digital goods, and services
  • Product options (size, color, etc.)
  • Popup/lightbox window for large images
  • Homepage product carousel
  • Featured products and banners
  • Minimum and maximum product quantities
  • Custom fields

Orders & Checkout

  • Single page checkout
  • Support for pre-orders
  • UPS live shipping quotes
  • Guest checkout option
  • Credit Cards processed through
  • Purchase options that include Certificates, Coupons, PO and on-site pickup
  • Order confirmation emails and order status updates

and so much more!

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